Hal Capital signs an exceptional agreement to partner with Dukaree Kenya

Nairobi, Kenya – July 17, 2021
Hal Capital, a Shariah compliant Kenyan Fintech, recently signed an agreement with Dukaree to provide instant finance to its network of customers. The signing ceremony, which took place in Nairobi was attended by the Co-Founder and CEO of HAL Capital, Mr Lutfi Al Shukaili together with his counterpart from Dukaree, Mr Faraj Mansur, the Co-Founder, and CEO.

With this collaboration HAL Capital and Dukaree will build streamlined, resilient & growth accelerator supply chain by providing vital instant finance and transparency, stability, and direct payments to customer’s suppliers. HAL’s B2B instant financing solution enables businesses to seamlessly purchase stock, track and organize their finances.

For customers, it allows them to access instant finance to assist with their business growth and manage their cash flow while increasing their sales. On the other hand, Suppliers will be able to receive Instant payments for goods and services which in turn will increase sales and enhance their operational efficiency for last-mile delivery.

With the signing of this agreement, both Hal Capital and Dukaree will work towards the common goal of developing one another’s businesses while providing value added services to the Dukaree network such as Instant Supplier Payments, Stock Financing, and employee Salary Credit Advance.
According to Mr Lutfi Al Shukaili, “Hal Capital is extremely delighted to enter an agreement with a leading organization like Dukaree. This cooperation is in line with our vision and future development strategies and will enable us to leverage on Dukaree’s expertise and network to further develop the Hal Capital brand name even further and enhance existing joint activities between both our organizations”.

In Kenya, SMEs play a key role in economic development and job creation. The Micro and small enterprises (MSEs) make a substantial contribution to livelihoods and inclusive growth in Kenya. HAL’s supply-chain linked instant financing is designed with MSME needs in mind. The solution addresses not only financial inclusion of the micro-businesses but will provide the right foundation and tools with maximise efficiency and affordable financing.

Mr Al Shukaili further added the “the agreement will truly help us realise our desire to promote financial affordability in Kenya, and neighbouring countries while also promoting the use of technology for sustainable development and the overall development of SME’s.

Meanwhile, the Co-Founder and CEO of Dukaree, Mr Faraj Mansur stated that “through this agreement with Hal Capital, Dukaree will be able to provide another dimension to our current service offerings, which will benefit the MSME (Micro, Small & Medium Enterprise) sector, as it will enable them to access instant finance with flexible repayment options at competitive rates from Hal Capital to profit and grow their businesses”.
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Our services have been tailor-made to be that bit quicker, that bit safer, and that bit cheaper to get finance as compared to securing a financing from a bank or typical money lender.

– Satesh Khemlani, Managing Director, Hal Capital
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